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52 Weeks Of Color Challenge II – Champagne

Haven’t blogged in awhile. *sighs* My boy kitty got hit by a car and I have been dealing with his suffering and his whining to go back outside even tho he’s GROUNDED for life! But I decided to start doing  Luna Jubilee’s “The 52 Weeks Of Color Challenge”. Today is the last day and I finally got my pics done..ugh!

Thanks Luna for this fun challenge. Hope to do it every week! 🙂

Hair: Milana – April (embellished)
Skin: Novita – Aurora by Holy Meili
Parted Teeth: Tuli
Eyes: Den-Dou Vampire
Lashes: Exile
Jacket: Gizza – Tricot Set – Champagne
Shirt: Dazzle – Starley Sweater Top
Undershirt: Scribble – Lodge Sweater FLF
Necklace: Shiny Things – Tuesday
Belt Tricot Set
Leggings – Blah -My Lazy Leggings
Boots: Severed Garden -Dana Boots
Location: My home 🙂



Long time Second Lifer here to blog about my adventures & fascinating finds in the 3d world Second Life

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