For The Kid In Meh…


I’ve been in Second Life going on almost 7 years.  I’m a total shape shifter hoe. I can never be the same more than a few days. Many peeps have kid avie’s. I never got into being a kid, until today! I was shopping for some ears (didn’t find them) and fell in love with the store Cute Bytes by Bit Mcmillan .  There are tons of CHEAP and I mean CHEAP high quality items for little kiddies in that store. Hairs are also sold too! Many complete outfits are either $75 or $50 lindens! You sooooo  need to check this store out.  And thanks to my fellow Skin Addicts, that directed me to an amazing animations store called Oracul. Best animations I’ve seen yet EVER! They do also have adult animations, just havent tried them out yet 🙂

More outfits to come…..!

Skin: Romi – Cat Tan
Hair: Truth – Velvet
Eyes: Den-Dou Vampire
Lashes: Filthy – Group Giftie
Glasses: Artilleri – Gladys – Group Giftie
Outfit: Cute Bytes – Rock Lil Lady (includes shoes)
Earrings: *GF* – Pink Hearts – SSH Hunt
Tattoo: By Me 🙂
Body: Romi
Pose: Blah

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