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For The Kid In Meh #2

Allo 🙂  I had mentioned in my previous post about the total Adorableness of the store Cute Bytes❤   If you are looking for cheap, great detail kid items then this is the store for you! 🙂  The designer Bit Mcmillan has many outfits that range from $50-75. These outfits always include tops, bottoms, skirts, bangles, shoes that are just soo adorable! She also sells cute hairs to go along with these looks. You can enjoy being a kid once again! Also the very best kid animations I’ve seen are at Oracul.

And another shout out to Katey Coppola for her helpful PS tutorials on YouTube.   Thank you thank you! <3<3

The photos below were taken at Joy Gestures  This lil corner matched my outfit perfectly!  A very cute sim, which will be another post to come soon!

Hair: Cute Bytes – Swot Hair
Skin: Curio – Dark Elf Soot (lashes, home made)
Outfit: Cute Bytes – Black Rainbow. Includes all you see, plus the shoes make colored footprints 🙂
Shape: Romi
Parted Lips: Tuli Free!


Long time Second Lifer here to blog about my adventures & fascinating finds in the 3d world Second Life

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