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One of the major things that drew me to SecondLife.com was the ability to be anything. Change up your avatar without having to wait and have someone do it for you ie paint your skin or provide you with different bodies.  The ole 2d world Vzones I was in had these limitations. Boy am I glad I switched almost 6yrs ago! Wow long timer here 🙂

Being who I am, I want to be different and unique. I’m always switching it up. Never want to be the same. And it seems to me that most of the skins out there lately are the same. I am not knocking all those great creators out there. Thank you for all the hard work you do. But for all of us shape shifters out there, we need Different!  Cant wait for the Fantasy Event coming this spring! YAY!

I was stalking my favorite blogs as usual and came across a skin that I wanted to demo. So I added it to my lengthy list of items to check out.  The store I am talking about is “The Sugar Garden” by Eilfie Sugarplum.  Not only does she have unique skins but she also makes different prim head avatars and prim head doll avies 🙂  Whilst I was there checking out the skin, my eyes swung over to the wall and my heart melted. That FACE!  The avatar is called Rheia Evil Sister. Now this avatar look was all ME. Very gothy dolly looking. So I bought it on the spot! <3<3 I love it. <3<3

The avatars come with jointed & reg skins, animated eyes, 2 types of ears and prim heads.  She has many assorted avies with awesome faces. Tho I am VERY PICKY, I didn’t think the skin for this avatar really matched the head so I went forth and looked for a better matching skin.  I got close with a Romi skin, then I met and made a new friend Julia Bekker! She is the creator for the Lavinia Store which sells a few clothes items and skins 🙂 We met up thru the Skin Addiction in world group and connected. She happened to throw me a skin of hers (so sweet) and to my AMAZEMENT the skin matched almost perfectly to this avatars head! I was like holy moly! I asked her if she had ESP cause she must have been reading my mind about matching skin to the head..lmao. You can check out her blog Here

Avatar(prim head, shape, ears)The Sugar Garden – Rheia Evil Sister
Hair: Ploom – Torti -Stumbledum item <3<3 (edited a tad in front)
Skin: Lavinia Store – My Vampirella Skin (not yet available)
Tattoo: Asian – Carmilla Mirabeau 🙂
Dress:  Rotten Toe – Dark Blossom Rose SL Marketplace
Pants: Ison – Leather Leggings
Boots: Shiny Things – Ving Boots
Collar: Just You Jewels – Darling
Bracelets: LouLou&CO – Twisted Hunt Item #30
Head Wings:  The Fairy Grove – Valkyrie (Valkyrie Set 2005) old! 🙂
Pose: MiaMai

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