~ Two Moon Gardens ~


Sometimes its nice to just NOT shop for fashion. Need a break every now and then. It allows me to get into landscaping my home. I have a 1/4 of a sim and ideas for it don’t come as often as I would like. But that has CHANGED!! Yay!  Whilst searching the Market Place (yes..I love this place..everybody seems to talk bad about it but its VERY helpful finding items).  I happened upon a store called “Two Moon Gardens”.  Loved the pictures so I had to visit it in world and boy am I glad I did!  

The creator Bunny Badger has put together tons of items teamed together to fit your landscaping needs.  My favorite was the “Path To Home” items. It is a long path with ONE PRIM items linked together as a group. Most if all of her items are MODIFY And COPY YAY!  You can switch it around and add some of your own things, which I did to make a beautiful landscape. She also creates large gardens, small, lakes, ponds etc. The designs are very nice. I’m very picky, I don’t buy crap! 🙂  

You also have great bonus’s for being in the group too! They have Midnight Mania’s and sale items @ The Booty Area 🙂  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ferndale/116/240/23 

You REALLY REALLY  need to go check them out. The prices are perfect.

Photo #1 & 2: My land 🙂  A Work In Progress, its open to the public. Feel free to use for photos, etc

Photo # 3 & 4:  Two Moon Gardens – A Path To Home – Yellow  Arbor Not included (Red is 1/2 off @$150 til morrow! check it out

Photo #5 : Two Moon Gardens – Cosy Moments

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