Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy!


Allo! Its been awhile since my last post. I decided to start doing male items. My male avatar needed to get out some 🙂 Welp I think Redgraves new male skin Tyler is a GREAT way to get him out and all sexy in a cowboy way 🙂  I really love this skin <3.  Hardly any editing what so ever, just the darn sharp edges that SL gives to an avatar. And the males seem to have much more of those! Ugh.

Anyhoo this skin is an AMAZING price. Included are 20, yes 20 skins! You get 3 diff beard and body hair options! Plus there are 2 body tanbooster tattoo layers (worn) and an kajal eyeliner layer also (Shown in pic 2) You really need to go down and check out the demos. There arent all of the hairbase and body hair options in the demos. I was so glad that the actual skin package comes with many hair base options to go with Redgraves Tyler hair. I use the Phoenix Viewer and only have one tattoo layer so hair base skin options really come in handy! Im also wearing the Tyler body shape also. I’m very picky with body shapes. It is modify so I tweaked it a bit.

Also I happened upon a new guy clothing store called SZD Fashions. I had noticed a dude at Redgraves wearing these really sexy low rise jeans and I had to inspect them and find out who made them.  So I headed on down there. The prices are great! Cause they are one low price for a whole set of outfits. This outfit was the group gift so I dont know if its still the group gift or not.  Guys make sure you check them out k?

Skin: Redgraves’s – Tyler
Shape: Redgrave’s Tyler
Hair: Redgrave’s – Tyler
Eyes: Tableau Vivant (My Absolute Fav)
Outfit: SZD Fashions Jewels included 🙂
Locations: Happy Mood

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