=^-^= Archie Appeal =^-^=


“Archie Appeal” is an event to help pay vet costs for a beloved pet of  Gospel Voom, creator of  Gos. Poor thing was hit by a car and needs extensive care. And having two kitties of my own, I too know the bills can be sky high.  The event is being held until Sept 2 @ Truth District.

Many designers have come together to help Gospel with the help of the vet bills. They have donated some of their creations to help with this cause.  Many are 50-100% full donations. Please wont you head on over to Truth District and help poor Archie?

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  1. I sympathize for you. But let me ask an important question. My mother is sick, I got fired, bills are high for me and things are looking very bad. Can’t I just ask for money too? I am not a creator so I am worthless. You have to be a creator to ask for stuff. It’s sad this is how sl is. I’m suffering too. Real human lives are at stake. You may not approve this, but I screencapped it to tumblr. So my huge list will.


    • Sorry for the things you are going thru. Life can be crappy! No one is stopping you from doing something for yourself. I’m not a creator either but I have other hobbies in SL to keep me happy. It’s ok with me if you want to broadcast your hardships. Things will get better


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