~Summer Forest Wonderland~


Here in Michigan, its still snowing!! 😦   So I decided to start Second Life Spring/Summer early!  Been inworld since 2005 and trying to keep my 1/4 sim looking  fabulous is NOT EASY!  So I decided to leave it up to others to help me out 🙂  Ive been wanting to blog about this designer for along time now. Just never had the time and now I do! This beautiful build is called Summer Forest Wonderland and it was designed by FelixvonKotwitz Alter. His sims are HUGE with amazing groups of landscaping designs. This wonderland is only 87 prims and is 40x50m.  I originally found this one on the SLMarketplace and tp’d to the store to look at it inworld.  Many of the builds are in Rezzers.  These pics were taken on my land, so if you would like to see it before going thru the many rezzers feel free. Landmark below.  Go check his work out, you know you want too. What do you have to lose? Not many prims thats for sure! hehe

Summer Forest Wonderland – Felixvonkotwitz Alter – Landscaping By Felix
See it Here before heading to the stores rezzers 🙂

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