~What Do You Miss Meme~


I have been enjoying Strawberry Singh’s Second Life Memes So I decided to make one of my own. Been feeling pretty nostalgic lately, so I decided to post one about What I miss in Second Life. And there is only one thing that I really really miss!

When I first came to Second Life 8 years ago I was in a 2d world called Vzones. Loved being in there, made many friends inworld and real world. But it was very limited. Had to wait for someone to change your head, body or skin!  Crazy huh? Then when I heard about Second Life I took the jump. And boy am I glad I did! Such freedom to express yourself, and to be whatever  you chose to be.  So in my travels I came across the Sim Relic by Baron Grayson. I fell in love with it on my first day. Such creativity and I was in awe. Course I was a 3d newb and wasn’t used to so much greatness on the world wide web. I started using his sim for photo ops and just to wander and *sigh*. His music stream was dark with tinges of sadness. I was forever drawn to this place.

So with this Meme, what do you miss in Second Life that is no longer? What do you wish would come back.?

Many of these photos were taken 5 or 6 yrs ago. So my camera skills were not what they are today lol.  So if you have pics of what you loved and is no longer,  Share them with us 🙂

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