~Saving Second Life Photo’s To Flickr~


How many times have you tried to take and save pictures in Second Life only to have it say, “Cannot Save Photo”? I had this happen the other day, it was sooo frustrating! Almost hurled my coffee cup into my monitor but stopped at the last minute!  Save them to “DISK” is what I usually use but it wasn’t happening. Then when I was almost in tears (just kidding) I see the FLICKR option.  I really needed to get these photo’s saved so I decided to give it a try.

Please make sure you are logged into your Flickr account BEFORE doing this step 🙂  When you click the Flickr option, you will get a message (inside Second Life) asking if you want to allow Flickr to access your Second Life photos or something to that effect. (I didn’t know I was going to do a tutorial on this)  You click ok and a box will come up with spaces to allow you to enter a code. Go back to your Flickr page and it will generate a code to enter.  Input the code in Second Life and wallah! You will only have to do this step once. Continue on…..

When  you click the Flickr option you have two tabs, “Metadata” and “Settings”.  First we will discuss the Metadata tab. Please see the photo above.  You can add alot of options. Title, Tags, Ratings & Location of the pic you are taking. Also a description. I leave those blank, you can chose to do it.

The next tab “Settings” allow you to set your sizes and type of file you would like to save them as. I always do the PNG option. JPG’s seem to lose luster and detail to photos if I save them this way.  Then when you have everything set you hit the “Round Refresh Button” as seen in the lower left corner of the photo above.

This photo shows the photo uploading to Flickr. Depending on the size of your photo it can take a few minutes.


Yay! Photo has been uploaded to Flickr! Now if you don’t want to have this photo open to the public, you need to go to flickr and make it Private. Which I do until I can edit it the way I want. If you have any other questions regarding this option, please feel free to contact me here or in Second Life

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