~Arcade Event Sponsers/Designers Hear My Plea~



                                                                                                                                                                                                 *Steps On Her Soap Box*

How many of you can’t wait to rush to an awesome event like the Hair Fair, Skin Fair or the fantabulous ARCADE event and all you see on your map is ABOVE!!!???? I am soo excited about this Septembers Arcade event and as USUAL so bummed that I cant get in at all!  As you can see above the sim itself only holds 30?? And look at the surrounding area’s and you have what um 37 waiting on one side,  22 on another and 19 waiting on the last one.  That makes over 100 avatars in the area and ONLY 30 are buying the creators items. Look at all of those missed sales!!

I have been in Second Life 8 years as of last week. I’ve seen sooo many events go on like this. I love them, cause I love to shop! But people just CANT GET IN!! I’m not just some sniveling avatar, I’m an respectable olbie that has spent thousands of lindens in this world with your products. Yes everyone says, but its a month long! SO WHAT! I want to SHOP NOWWWWWWWWW!! (lol). Why oh why cant these events like Arcade and the Skin & Hair Fairs be put on in the creators stores GRID WIDE??!!  (Like the Seasons Hunts & The Creator Stamp Rally-what ever happened to the CSR? Those card rallys are so much fun!)  Just think of all those sales above that aren’t going thru? People like me who gave up at the hair fair, and only got 2 hairs cause it took me WEEKS to get in 😦

It would be so easy to put those cute little machines in the stores. I don’t know about you, but when I’m going to a (paid event) at the designer/creators stores, I usually have a look around. And I do tend to BUY MORE! Isn’t that the point???  So please take it from this OLD Secondlifer SHOPAHOLIC, please RETHINK these EVENT Locations! With much Love <3<3

*Steps Off Her Soap Box*

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  1. Thank you SOOOO much for that input and I think so many of us agree. I couldn’t tell you the last time I have even gone to one of these events for this very reason. I hope everyone reads this and takes note.


    • Hi. I used to wait at least a week before even trying to get into The Arcade. But each time more opportunities to get goodies are made. In fact, on Day One last night, I was able to get several items last night from the neighboring Ship gallery. Shopping from the border can work, but you wont be able to reach everything. The new Wearable Hud that will pre-render all vendor textures for you is brillant. Just wear it 15 min before going. The other possibility for The Arcade is yard sales. But overall I do agree. The limit of 30 is crazy on such a hugely successful event. Hair Fair had 40.


  2. I’ve been saying this for years but they love to contain it all in one place and have it lag. I think by some miracle it’ll run smooth when it opens but it never ever had and I’ve been playing for 9 years so I’ve seen alot of events.


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