~Atelier Yllany’s Closing Hunt~


Finally had some inspiration this eve. Boy does it ever feel good to have it again! Sometimes I just get zoned out from fashion shopping that I miss my little explorations.  I have a LOOOONG growing list of items that I jot down to come back later in SL to explore, buy or just check out. And Atelier Yllany’s store was one of them. Viewed his items thru out the  years, and recently on the Marketplace. I had wanted to check out his “Unicorn Castle” that was listed there. . Lo and behold tho, when I went to his store it stated on the wall that he was closing his store for good!
😦    So bummed but also it said that he was having a little hunt with 7 items of his up for grabs. They are hidden all over his “tiny” store. I found them all but just doing one build preview today, more tomorrow.

The castle also has hidden doors thru out. The textures and lighting in this build is just amazing. So many cute little details n such.  Head on out to his store and find the awesome builds that will be gone forever! TP after the photos 🙂

TP to Atelier Yllany’s Closing Hunt

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