Give Us A Usable Viewer!!


I haven’t been able to blog for some time now because my snapshot options will not save my pics ANYWAY! I currently use the Firestorm Viewer. I have also tried the reg Second Life Viewer but NOOOOOOO! Nothing, nadda..”UNABLE TO SAVE SNAPSHOT”!! I have a pretty decent puter and I refuse to keep updating the thing to use Second Life! 😦     To buy a super computer to only have it work so so?? I had a Firestorm support person state to keep my draw distance low to like 50?? How can anyone view anything with it so low? And I keep getting “textures discarded due to insufficient memory”. I have LOTS of memory and a decent video card. I do the recommended options to fix the texture error for like a DAY then it goes back to the old settings.

I’m just so frustrated! *stomps foot* In the old days I never had this much problem with these options. Or being able to stay in a crowded locale. Second Life seems to be running more memory with each new viewer coming out. Its taking all the fun out of Second Life for me. Why be here if I cant play it?? I have tried logging on to many diff times of day, to no avail 😦

*Grumbles and goes back to bed*

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  1. I would be happy to help you trouble shoot- I am not affiliated with Second Life, but am a techie girl 🙂 First, do you have a windows, or mac computer? If windows, is it 64 or 32 bit? What type of internet connect do you have and what is the download speed? I can help you find these answers if you are not sure– you can also email me directly if you like. The SL settings can be so confusing– if I can help I will be happy to do so.


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