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~Copybot Hairs..D!va..Lelutka..Dura..Truth..List goes on…~

Was shopping on The Market Place and noticed a store that had MANY major designer hairs selling for $11! Been in Second Life over 8 yrs and this just pisses me off!  Thieves have to steal from others! Please don’t buy these hairs..Im 99.9% positive they are copybot hair..IE Stolen! This is just a few 😦  Hope something can be done?




Long time Second Lifer here to blog about my adventures & fascinating finds in the 3d world Second Life

4 thoughts on “~Copybot Hairs..D!va..Lelutka..Dura..Truth..List goes on…~

  1. Seriously? you find botted hair and advertise it? You must realise that many will see this and go buy it.. but they may never have found it if they hadn’t looked in the blogs. If you find botted stuff.., report it to the people they copied from (if you don’t know who then recruite trusted friends to find the real creators.) But by splashing it all over the feeds you have probably got the botters a lot more customers..


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