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~Pink Elf~

All I can say is friggen YAYYYYY! I finally got my new puter and  after 8 years in SL I have a world that I’m ecstatic about!  No more texture errors or crashes for me baby..cause this machine has 4 Gig of video memory! *dances a jig*

My new baby an iMac..and Im slowly teaching myself how to work it. Alas …transferring my files is gonna be a bitch..but thank goodness for GIMP! The keyboard shortcuts are a tad different..but man its sooo worth it
Credits below 🙂

Hair:  Epoque – Pristine
Skin: The Sugar Garden – Baby
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Shades Of Blue (prev Mens Dept)
Ears: Mandala – Elf Ears
Mouth Tattoo: Amacci
Outfit: BE Designs – Elena
Pocket Pet: Birdy – Tabby – The Chapter Four Gatcha


Long time Second Lifer here to blog about my adventures & fascinating finds in the 3d world Second Life

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