~Pixelmator For The iMac~


Hallo! I wanted to blog about my new graphics program called Pixelmator.  I had finally purchased an iMac and have been able to experience Second Life in a whole new light! But alas my Photo Shop and Corel PSP are on 2 other separate computers 😦

So after some searching, I found Pixelmator. Its really an awesome proggy. Almost right up there with Photo Shop but wayyyy cheaper 🙂  It  costs $29.99 and worth the price. This is available to iMac users only. Course everyone could still use the free Gimp Program
Pixelmator comes with some great Liquify Tools, Effects (tons!) and many other options. 
Im not going to go into a full tutorial or anything cause I have a bad head cold *sniffles*

Find out more at Pixelmator.com

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  1. I’ve had Pixelmator installed on my computer for a couple of months. I *want* to like it, but the tools are just different enough from Photoshop to frustrate me. I’ll have to give it another try.


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