~The Shire- Part Deux~


As promised, the second half of my home The Shire – Hobbit House.  Doing a full on deco/landscaping post takes so much time! I am no longer at this land, I purchased a new Homestead. I had collected up everything without logging all the info!! Eeeeek! But thank goodness for the Inventory filters. I was able to log in the day I packed em up and there they were! Phew!  This home was made with love. Many of my favorite designers you just don’t see on the blogs much.  Going to try and change  that.  

This lot that I was renting (have new homestead from them too) is from ZOHA ISLANDS. It has 10240 sqm with 2343 prims and rents for $3775L per week. Thats a great deal. Its currently up for sale. Please check out their great lands and prices. They have both residential and commercial

Shout out to FelixvonKotwitz Alter, Dysfunctional Designs [DDD], Storax Tree, Tia, CRIMARIZON & Fanatik. Couldn’t complete without Studio Skye’s  fabulous stuffs!  Also there are a few other unknowns..Please make sure you check them out for all of your decorating/landscaping ideas 🙂  <3<3

Sorry bout the list spacing. I had copied it from my notepad and for the life of me..it won’t space down! Ugh..

 Eager to start on to my new homestead. 🙂







Pic #1
House: Fanatik Architecture- Nakama
Lantern: ~*GOD*~ – Atelier
Land: Fanatik Architecture Garden Hills (modified)
Statue: Storax Tree – Garden Goddess Statue – Group Gift
Tree: FelixvonKotwitz Alter – 1 prim Mesh tree 6
Flowers Front Of House: ~*GOD*~ – Aman & Tulpi Flower Sets
Dry Weeds: [we’re CLOSED]
Dark Summer Shrub: [we’re CLOSED]
Hares: ISPACHI Gatcha – The Arrival – Hare King Of The Stump
Tangled Cherry Arch: Studio Skye
Rocks: Studio Skye – River Rocks
River Bank: Studio Skye
Alligator Apple Bushes: Studio Skye
Cattails: [DDD]
Purple Yodelling Yolenta Flower Cluster: Destiny Blue Designs
Green Loolie Shrub: Destiny Blue Designs
Thatched Spring Planter C : Storax Tree
Sweet Garden Grass Orange: HPMD (Happy Mood)
Little Birds Sky Blue: HPMD (Happy Mood)
Pic #2
Hanging Ivy: ~*GOD*~
Hanging Book Shelf: Alouette
Hanging Chair: Pilot – Larkin Set
Open Book: ~*GOD*~ – Atelier
Orange Sleeping Cat: Zoobys 
Kitten Plates: floorplan
Siamese Cats w/bed/catnip: Storax Tree
Feline Treasures Sleep Calico: Storax Tree
Vintage Plant Stand Rose Bush Blue & 
Vintage Plant Stant Li: Storax Tree
Tulip Tea Trolley Sandwich Dessert For One:
Storax Tree
Cat Tree Display: Intrigue Co
Spring Living Vintage Books: Tres Blah Gatcha
Rug: Soren – Relic
Squirrels: ISPACHI Gatcha
Pic #3
Cottage Fireplace Bright Large : [Tia]
Wood rack : [DDD]
Rustic Living Room Set : [Tia]
Frolicking Foxes :ISPACHI Gatcha
The Wisest Owl: ISPACHI Gatcha
Pic #4
Hutch: [DDD] – Simplistic Little Hutch (comes with all you see cept Coffee Mill & Tin Flowers)
Tea Time Tin With Flowers : -Tres Blah Gatcha
Coffee Mill: iTuTu
Table/Chairs : CRIMARIZON
Tea Time Tea Cup : – Tres Blah Gatcha
Tea Time Cupcakes: – Tres Blah Gatcha
Kitchen Basics Coffee Pot : -Tres Blah Gatcha
Spring Living Daisies: Tres Blah Gatcha
Stack Of Cups: Tea Time – Tres Blah Gatcha
Coffee Cup Prop Dark Heart: Storax Tree
Chalkboard – Lark
Pretty Pink Flowers: Storax Tree Blogger Plant 4/1 (Blogger Container) 🙂
Plants: Dutchie – Philodendron yearlings & Red Agave 
Outside Tree: [we’re CLOSED]
Pic #5
Kitchen – Old Sink- [Tia]
Rustic Metal Wall Hooks -Supplies: [DDD]
Mop & Bucket: [DDD]
Pic #6
Kitchen’s Old Cooker – [Tia]
Medical Workstation & Shelf: [Tia]
Burlap Supply Sacks : [DDD]
Kitchen Basics – Preserves : Tres Blah

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