Allo…finally finished my tower deco. Wish I had a villa like this in real life *sighs* This looks like a wonderful place to  just be still and think my thoughts.  

Bed: Apple Fall – Annan Bed w/curtains @ Collabor88
Wardrobe Apple Fall – Annan Reclaimed Wardrobe @ Collabor88
Shelf: Apple Fall Annan Reclaimed Shelving @ Collabor88
Hydrangea Bunch: Apple Fall
Arts & Books: Apple Fall
Small Rug: Apple Fall – Fiber Rug @ Collabor88
Side Table: Apple Fall Annan @ Collabor88
Breakfast Tray: [what next] Morning Tea Breakfast Tray
Open Book on bed: Apple Fall
Hat Box: Apple Fall
Painting: Apple Fall Dusk Canvas
Fireplace: Apple Fall Fireplace Gatcha RARE
Woodstock: Apple Fall
Oolong Teacup Planter: [ARIA]
Plants On Dresser: Dutchie
House Plant: Rustica
Garden Vase With Branches: =Mirage= (comes with the 3 candles)
Candle on FP: Apple Fall Scented Candle Jasmine
Plant on FP: Scarlet Creative
Coffee Table: {what next} Charlotte Coffee Table
Large Rug: Bazar – Floria Living Room Rug
Floor Cushions: {what next}  Charlotte cushions
Backgammon Set: Tartesso Arts
Flower in pot: Frangipani in Pot – Reid Parkin
House: Trompe Loeil – The Cortona Villas
Location: My Home ❤

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