Dealing With Problem People In Second Life



Greetings!  As all of you photographers know..that sometimes when you are out trying to get that have a few jerks that want to screw with you. Hasn’t happened to me in a long time til yesterday.  I decided to go to Baja Norte for their beautiful beaches.  So pretty..I love to take shots there.

Two girls come knocking thru people..jibber jabbering.  Up in their faces.  So I moved to a place Waayyy far away. Secluded, or so I thought. They ended up coming by me when I was deeply involved with shooting.  They proceeded to tell me that “Im no Beyonce” and much more crude crap.  Being in Second Life for 9 yrs has helped me become somewhat more patient with idiots. Ignored them. Didn’t stoop to their idiocy.

They kept up so I looked on my screen for a way to Report them and YAY! I found some really cool settings to block and quiet them completely! The list of people in the example below are NOT any of the problem people, they are just an example. This function is in the Firestorm Viewer. I have no clue if this is available in the Second Life Viewer.

If you click on the People button and then click Nearby you can see who is there. Then click on their name and a drop down list appears. There shows the usual Block/Unblock buttons. But can report AND Derender and Blacklist (which is a PERMANENT derender) So I blocked the stupid girls and derendered them! Yay! So no more rude annoying people to bother you whilst you are shooting!




Hair: Exile -West Coast @Summerfest
Skin: Belleza Ria Summerfest Tan @Summerfest
Eyes: IKON – Eternal – Marine
Lips/Teeth: Belleza/Amacci
Sunglasses: IZZIE’S Over Sized
Bikini: Baiastice – Luli Pink Signs @Collabor88
Bangles: Maxi Gossamer – Boho 
Tattoo: Asian – Made by Me 🙂
Location: Baja Norte

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