~9th Year Rezz Day~


August 19th marked my 9th year in Second Life. Wow! Hard to imagine all that time going by.  Above is a collage of myself in various looks..etc.  Boy have I evolved. I first started virtual worlds thru Vzones,  a 2D world.  I made many life long friends from there as we met in RW for meets n greets.
But alas..many things were limited. As in changing your avatar skin color..clothes..bodies..etc. You had to wait for someone to come do it for you…if you wanted to look GOOD! heh heh. So I got tired of the limitations and some how found Second Life. 

Second Life at first was hard to fly, walk..etc..but soon I was hooked. All the different looks, places to see!! Oh and the music..the different Sims and their musaks that played..really helped me to evolve and come to love different music genres! I’ve loved, laughed cried
now I pretty much stay to myself. I work with the public in RW so..being on my own to explore and create new looks…polish my photography is just perfect for me! Looking forward to the years ahead!

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