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~Happy 10th Year Anniversary Barnesworth Anubis~


Longtime resident Barnesworth Anubis is celebrating 10 yrs of creating in Second Life!
I have been a huge fan since beginning in 2005. His items are amazing and I have MANY of his homes in my inventory 🙂 So instead of any kind of sales event, Mr. Anubis has asked the residents of Second Life to showcase his builds with photos!
Yes..any photos of his builds, any year you took them! They don’t have to be fancy or photo shopped either!
Just dig into those hard drives and inventories and post them to his [ba] 10 Years Customer Photos Pool For info..please click the photo below!
Good luck and dig deep people!


Long time Second Lifer here to blog about my adventures & fascinating finds in the 3d world Second Life

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