~ LAQ’S Serene Tree & Windmill Home ~


Hello everyone! Hope you are having a good Monday. Work holiday here, thank goodness cause Im still sick and had frozen broken pipes yesterday! 😦   We have been having below zero temps here in Michigan..ugh!
But I just HAD TO SHOW YOU the new home from LAQ Decor called “Serene Tree & Windmill Home”! This house is Amazing! So beautifully done..love everything that comes out of LAQ Decor!  I just can’t wait to start decorating it!

Here are just the basic exterior and interior photos of the home. Please go see it for yourself.  Only thing I would have liked different is the windows be larger like the bathroom ones and not the shiny reflections on the windows. Gonna try and see if I can modify them out!  So go on down to LAQ Decor and see it for  yourselves! (Photos are raw and I used Windlight and the Spotlight filter in the Second Life Viewer..came out fab!)

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  1. I’d kill to know which windlight you used for these.

    I have this home, and it is FANTASTIC. My only problem is that I have no idea how to decorate it!


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