House: Zaara [home] : 1 Jodhpur house Gacha Rare
Wall hanging: Zaara [home] : 20 Rajastani wall hanging Parrots & Elephants Gacha
Tapestry: Zaara [home] : 17 Patchwork tapestry Gacha
Futon 1: Zaara [home] : 5 Block printed futon *turquoise* Gacha
Futon 2: Zaara [home] : 5 Block printed futon *coral* Gacha
Table: Zaara [home] : 7 Sheesham inlay coffee table Gacha At The Arcade
Lamp #1 :Zaara [home] : 15 Jali lamps *kamal*
Lamp #2:Zaara [home] : 8 Jali lamp *tara* Gacha
Books: Zaara [home] : 14 Pile of books Gacha
Plants: Zaara [home] : 9 Succulent plants Gacha
Elephant: Zaara [home] : 6 Sandstone elephant Gacha
Gardne Rose: {anc} garden. rose Gacha. RARE
Glass Drinks: {anc} garden. rose RARE
Tea Cups: {anc} garden. tea Gacha
Macaroon: {anc} garden. macaron 
Moon: {anc} garden. ladyinmoon Gacha
Stack of books: {anc} garden. pink book Gacha
Couch: Dysfunctional Designs – Desert Couch
Large Potted Fern: Trompe Loeil – Kona Beach House
Chickens: Zinnia’s
Cat: Fashionably Dead – Cat 11- Sitting Gacha
Small grass: Cel Edman
Hibiscus Plants: Forest Floor
Wisteria Tree: 3d Trees
Tree On Left: Felixvonkotwitz Alter – 1 prim mesh tree (part of a set)
Tree On Far Right: Felixvonkotwitz – 1 prim mesh Tree by felix 5 Part of a set
Bamboo: Organica
Orange Bush on Sides: Tiki Tattoo – Tropical Bush Red

Location: My home 🙂

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