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~ Christmas Eve Shoppe ~


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*Item From Collabor88*
House: Trompe Loeil – Noelle Cottage

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*Items From The Arcade*
Wagon Outside House Window: [[RH]] Holiday Cafe Wagon RARE
Tables: [[RH]] Holiday Cafe Gacha – Side Tables Green & Red
Candles: [[RH]] Holiday Cafe Gacha – Candles
Pancakes: [[RH]] Holiday Cafe Gacha – Blueberry & Cranberry
Pudding: [[RH]] Holiday Cafe Gacha – Strawberry & Custard
Cookie Set: [[RH]] Holiday Cafe Gacha – Cookies
Bags: [[RH]] Holiday Cafe Gacha – Small B and Big
Wagon Table: [[RH]] Holiday Cafe Gacha – Wagon table red
Christmas Poster: [[RH]] Holiday Cafe Gacha – Holiday Poster Christmas
Paper Shelf: [[RH]] Holiday Cafe Gacha – Wrapping Paper Shelf
Hanging Shoes: [[RH]] Holiday Cafe Gacha – Shoes Ornament
Cups: [[RH]] Holiday Cafe Gacha – Cup Set
Cash Register: [[RH]] Holiday Cafe Gacha – Casher
Bucket Of Snowman: [[RH]] Arcade Reward
Car Of Reindeer: [[RH]] Arcade Christmas Gift

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*Items From The Chapter Four*
Milk & Donuts (Choco): Ionic Decor Gacha
Pancakes: Ionic Decor Gacha – Blueberry & Cranberry
Tea Bags: Ionic Decor Gacha Winter Tea Bags
Wooden Tree: Ionic Decor Gacha Wooden Christmas Tree Gold
2017 Calendar – Kalopsia – Wall
Wrapping Paper Rolls: Irrie’s Dollhouse Gacha – Christmas Crafting Paper Rolls
Ribbon Rack: Irrie’s Dollhouse Gacha Christmas Crafting Ribbon Rack
Wooden NOEL Sign: Irrie’s Dollhouse Gacha Christmas Crafting Noel
Crafting Supplies: Kei’s Xmas Village Crafts Gacha – Glitter RARE
Xmas Village Base: Kei’s Xmas Village Crafts Gacha – Snow Base RARE
Houses, Church, Bakery: Kei’s Xmas Village Crafts Gacha
Papers: Kei’s Xmas Village Crafts Gacha

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*item From Kustom9*
Sleeping Puppy: Black Bantam – Sleepy Head Corgi Gacha – Cane Touch of Gray

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*Various Items*
Assorted Gift Boxes: { what next } Christmas Gift Boxes
Postcard Stand: Vespertine
Wreath at bottom of postcard stand: Le Poppycock *Cardinal Love* Wreath 1
Berry Plants: { anc } – Friedwildberry petit pot 1
Wall Snowflakes: Artisan Fantasy – Snowden Peaks Wall Snowflakes
Christmas Tree: Artisan Fantasy – Christmas Tree 2015 Full
Wreaths/Arches & Round: JIAN – 2015 Holiday Decor

~ Falling Into Winter ~



Head: VCO – Mary – Mesh Head #14 RARE
Hair: Truth – Sugar – VIP Giftie ty!
Scarf: Astralia – September Ends Scarf
Dress: Amitomo – High Five Gacha
Harvest Tiara – Cubic Cherry


House: Trompe Loeil – Rivershire Waterwheel
Bed: Death Row Designs – Timberland Bed @ Shiny Shabby (mod)
Chairs: Death Row Designs – Timberland Chairs @ Shiny Shabby
Table: Death Row Designs – Timberland Table @ Shiny Shabby
Rug: Death Row Designs – Timberland Rug
Fireplace: Dysfunctional Dolly Designs – Rustic Corner Fireplace
Puppy: ISPACHI – [Breaghwy] Sleeping Puppy In Basket RARE
Jade Plate: Artisan Fantasy – Log Planter Jade
Poinsettia – Artisan Fantasy – Snowden Peaks – Poinsettia Crate Red
Wall Plates: Artisan Fantasy – Asilash II Plates
Tin w/flowers: Tres Blah – Tea Time
Postcard: Painter Meriman – Vintage Postcard
Lanterns: Tia – 3 Lantern Set
Cats: Fashionably Dead – #17 Over Shoulder RARE Gacha, #2 Sleeping Curled, #19 Cuddling Pair RARE

11 Years In Second Life…You’ve Come A Long Way Baby


Wow… August 19th was my 11yr rez day in Second Life! I have to say I totally love this game. I go into SL to blow off steam…create photos..landscape and just enjoy building my own home away from home. Tho..there are still some asshats in here. That is why I tend to be a solitary avie..and I enjoy it. Yeah I did the hanging out with friends bit many years ago..but there was so much DRAMA that it just turned me off. Players n such. So being a loner in here doesn’t bother me a bit! I have seen a few oldies like me recently. Its nice to see other addicts like myself ❤


Hair: Olive – Lana
Head: Catwa – Destiny
Head Applier: DeeTaleZ – Evelyn
Eyes: IKON – Promise – Moor
Body: Maitreya – Lara
Tattoo: [KHARMA] – Amar
Bikini Bottoms: Foxes – Ibiza Kini
Pose: Purple Poses – Bree #5
Wall Plates: Artisan Fantasy -Asilah II Plates

~Maison de Maille By Rustica~ Pt 1




Pic #1
House: Rustica -Maison de Maille
Couch/Coffee Table/Side Table: [Tia]– Rustic Living Room Red
Food/Wine/Glasses: 8f8
Primavera in Toscana #14 Gourmet Set
Board Game: {RW}
The Chieftain’s Hnefatafl Game
Cat: (fd) – Cat 11 Sitting
Book: Apple Fall – Open Book
Cats: (fd) – Cat – 19 Cuddling Pair RARE
Bottle w Cups on Tray: Apple Fall – Elderflower Cordial
Daffodils Jug: Apple Fall
Melted Candle: Dust Bunny
Sleeping Cat on Rug: Storax Tree – Feline Treasures Naptime Ginger
Rug: Rustica Mesh Empire Rug 2
Glowing Rose: {anc} – Garden Rose RARE
Buffalo Head: Apple Fall Buffalo Taxidermy
Side Table: :DH: – Victorian @themarketplace
Telescope: Tartesso Arts – Vintage Telescope
Large Plant: Rustica – Large Mesh Planter 1

Pic #2

Banner: .aisling – Pennden Bannder
Vazes: DRD– Phantom Vazes
Covered Mirrors: DRD Phantom Covered Mirrors 4
Trunks: DRD – Phantom Trunks
Cat: (fd) – Cat 02 Sleeping Curled
Weapons Rack: [DDD] Axe * Spear Weapons Rack
Torches: [Tia] – Dungeon Fires Wall Braziers
Pumpkin Planter: dust bunny & tenshi
Wall Tapestries: Primvision on The Marketplace Art Nouveau Seasons
Cat on steps: (fd) Cat -12 Curious

Pic #3

Bed: DRD – Phantom Bed RARE
Cat: (fd) – 02 Sleeping Curled
Wood Candles: Artisian Fantasy – Balloch Perch Boarded Candles
Photo Frame: Apple Fall Gilt Frame
Rug: The Dreamer Creations – Old rug brown
Chair: The Dreamer Creations – Chesterfield Armchair – Damask
Blanket: The Dreamer Creations
Side Table: :DH: – Victorian @themarketplace
Candle Stand: DRD – Phantom Small Chandelabra
Bear Rug: .aisling – Fake Bear Rug
Mouse: Baffle! – My Little Mouse Friend
Portrait: Polyester Partridge – St. Ingrid Portrait
Owls: ISPACHI – The Arrival – The Wisest Owl (no longer avail)
Plates: Artisan Fantasy – Asilah II Plates

Pic #4

Worktable: .aisling & D&D – Herbalist Worktable (Everything but creams on lower shelf included)
Vanity: .aisling Coquette – Dressing Table Brown
Compact & lipstick: Tres Blah -tb- Vanity Compact RARE
Oils: Artisan Fantasy – Oils & Creams 2
Torches: [Tia] – Dungeon Fires Wall Braziers
Feather Staff: Apple Fall & An Lar – Shaman Feather Staff (RARE)
Blue Staff: Apple Fall & An Lar – Midnight Staff
White Staff: Apple Fall & Ar Lar – Light Staff
Tall Wooden Planter: Shutter Field [sf] – Brazier Planter Dark – Group Giftie
Small planter: Artisan Fantasy – Money Plant

Pic #5

Plant: Rustica Houseplant
Lantern: [Tia] – Dungeon Fires Tall Brazier
Wall Planters: Artisan Fantasy – Succulents
Bath/Table/Rug: PPK – Wood Bath Tube
Vial Planter: Apple Fall & An Lar – Mistletoe Vial

(Sorry no more LM’s..Im so tired)