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~Peace & Serenity~



We all know that the world can cause havoc on our souls. Twisting and turning it,
rolling it around with work, drama and the everyday bullchit.
Coming into Second Life, for me..takes care of all that.

Soon it will be 10 years that I’ve been in SL. I love being in there so much.
All the different sims, meeting new people & the awesome music thats
played in there. I tend to be on the hermity side. Which is ok for me.
Decorating my lands, photography, exploring, finding different looks.. I love it!
It gives me peace & serenity. ❤

I just love this Spanish Patio by Exposeur. Its so pretty. It has 15 great poses.
But I wanted to showcase more decorations (not included) to go with it so
I used a few other poses. You must go see it!
Have a great Sunday!



Hair: Truth – Randa NEW!
Head: Letlutka – Leda
Body: Maitreya Lara
Appliers: PUMEC – Inga – Summer ❤ ❤ ❤   NEW!
Eyes: IKON – Sovereign Eyes – Field
Jewels: Gizza (from the Scarlett Dress Floral outfit)
Top: Tee*fy – Kelly Knotted Tank Top @ Collabor88
Pants: Zaara – Arpora Fisherman’s Pants *grass* @ Arcade

Spanish Patio: Exposeur @ FaMeshed
Trees: Hayabusa Design Elegant Tree Humble M15-1 M2 v3-1 T1 Gift (ty)

Pose one: Exposeur patio pose
Pose two: Kirin – Rukia
Pose three: Kirin Hikari




~ Home ~




❤ ❤ ❤

Happy Friday! Quick post before work..oh and btw Flickr is down? Bummer.
I decided to downsize my home area and finished up some landscaping.
One of my favorite designers dropped me off a few gifts (thank you ) so I just had to post them!
Also, if you are needing some new space, either small plot or a homestead or full sim..
just check out Zoha Islands.
I’ve been with them for many years. Beautiful plots and reasonable prices!
Be sure to check them out!
Credits below..have a great day!

Mesh Rock 1: Landscaping By Felikx
Pink Flowers: Hayabusa Design – Flower Big Lys stylized simplified F1a
Red Flowers: Hayabusa Design Hemerocallis M1 v1-1 Gift (Thank You)
Beautiful Flowering Hanging Tree: Hayabusa Design Elegant Tree Humble M15-1 M2 v3-1 T1 Gift (Thank You)
Swaying Green Grass: Hayabusa Design Field Grass foliage Pampas on wind M2 v2-1
Green Tree (left): Hayabusa Design Forest Tree F1aWT2 t207
Lighted Tree: HPMD* Garden Tree08 with Lights – yGreen c
Light Grass: Studio Skye -Skye Wild Grass type 5 green
Bushes: Studio Skye – Alligator Apple Bush
Brown Bushes: Studio Skye – Zingiberaceae Alt Leaf
Assorted Plants near water: Organica – Prayer Plant Single, Elephant Ear Plant, Lotus #1
Water Reed: Heart Garden Center – Water Reed Mace



House: Zaara [home] : 1 Jodhpur house Gacha Rare
Wall hanging: Zaara [home] : 20 Rajastani wall hanging Parrots & Elephants Gacha
Tapestry: Zaara [home] : 17 Patchwork tapestry Gacha
Futon 1: Zaara [home] : 5 Block printed futon *turquoise* Gacha
Futon 2: Zaara [home] : 5 Block printed futon *coral* Gacha
Table: Zaara [home] : 7 Sheesham inlay coffee table Gacha At The Arcade
Lamp #1 :Zaara [home] : 15 Jali lamps *kamal*
Lamp #2:Zaara [home] : 8 Jali lamp *tara* Gacha
Books: Zaara [home] : 14 Pile of books Gacha
Plants: Zaara [home] : 9 Succulent plants Gacha
Elephant: Zaara [home] : 6 Sandstone elephant Gacha
Gardne Rose: {anc} garden. rose Gacha. RARE
Glass Drinks: {anc} garden. rose RARE
Tea Cups: {anc} garden. tea Gacha
Macaroon: {anc} garden. macaron 
Moon: {anc} garden. ladyinmoon Gacha
Stack of books: {anc} garden. pink book Gacha
Couch: Dysfunctional Designs – Desert Couch
Large Potted Fern: Trompe Loeil – Kona Beach House
Chickens: Zinnia’s
Cat: Fashionably Dead – Cat 11- Sitting Gacha
Small grass: Cel Edman
Hibiscus Plants: Forest Floor
Wisteria Tree: 3d Trees
Tree On Left: Felixvonkotwitz Alter – 1 prim mesh tree (part of a set)
Tree On Far Right: Felixvonkotwitz – 1 prim mesh Tree by felix 5 Part of a set
Bamboo: Organica
Orange Bush on Sides: Tiki Tattoo – Tropical Bush Red

Location: My home 🙂