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~Maison de Maille By Rustica~ Pt 1




Pic #1
House: Rustica -Maison de Maille
Couch/Coffee Table/Side Table: [Tia]– Rustic Living Room Red
Food/Wine/Glasses: 8f8
Primavera in Toscana #14 Gourmet Set
Board Game: {RW}
The Chieftain’s Hnefatafl Game
Cat: (fd) – Cat 11 Sitting
Book: Apple Fall – Open Book
Cats: (fd) – Cat – 19 Cuddling Pair RARE
Bottle w Cups on Tray: Apple Fall – Elderflower Cordial
Daffodils Jug: Apple Fall
Melted Candle: Dust Bunny
Sleeping Cat on Rug: Storax Tree – Feline Treasures Naptime Ginger
Rug: Rustica Mesh Empire Rug 2
Glowing Rose: {anc} – Garden Rose RARE
Buffalo Head: Apple Fall Buffalo Taxidermy
Side Table: :DH: – Victorian @themarketplace
Telescope: Tartesso Arts – Vintage Telescope
Large Plant: Rustica – Large Mesh Planter 1

Pic #2

Banner: .aisling – Pennden Bannder
Vazes: DRD– Phantom Vazes
Covered Mirrors: DRD Phantom Covered Mirrors 4
Trunks: DRD – Phantom Trunks
Cat: (fd) – Cat 02 Sleeping Curled
Weapons Rack: [DDD] Axe * Spear Weapons Rack
Torches: [Tia] – Dungeon Fires Wall Braziers
Pumpkin Planter: dust bunny & tenshi
Wall Tapestries: Primvision on The Marketplace Art Nouveau Seasons
Cat on steps: (fd) Cat -12 Curious

Pic #3

Bed: DRD – Phantom Bed RARE
Cat: (fd) – 02 Sleeping Curled
Wood Candles: Artisian Fantasy – Balloch Perch Boarded Candles
Photo Frame: Apple Fall Gilt Frame
Rug: The Dreamer Creations – Old rug brown
Chair: The Dreamer Creations – Chesterfield Armchair – Damask
Blanket: The Dreamer Creations
Side Table: :DH: – Victorian @themarketplace
Candle Stand: DRD – Phantom Small Chandelabra
Bear Rug: .aisling – Fake Bear Rug
Mouse: Baffle! – My Little Mouse Friend
Portrait: Polyester Partridge – St. Ingrid Portrait
Owls: ISPACHI – The Arrival – The Wisest Owl (no longer avail)
Plates: Artisan Fantasy – Asilah II Plates

Pic #4

Worktable: .aisling & D&D – Herbalist Worktable (Everything but creams on lower shelf included)
Vanity: .aisling Coquette – Dressing Table Brown
Compact & lipstick: Tres Blah -tb- Vanity Compact RARE
Oils: Artisan Fantasy – Oils & Creams 2
Torches: [Tia] – Dungeon Fires Wall Braziers
Feather Staff: Apple Fall & An Lar – Shaman Feather Staff (RARE)
Blue Staff: Apple Fall & An Lar – Midnight Staff
White Staff: Apple Fall & Ar Lar – Light Staff
Tall Wooden Planter: Shutter Field [sf] – Brazier Planter Dark – Group Giftie
Small planter: Artisan Fantasy – Money Plant

Pic #5

Plant: Rustica Houseplant
Lantern: [Tia] – Dungeon Fires Tall Brazier
Wall Planters: Artisan Fantasy – Succulents
Bath/Table/Rug: PPK – Wood Bath Tube
Vial Planter: Apple Fall & An Lar – Mistletoe Vial

(Sorry no more LM’s..Im so tired)



House:  {vespertine} Рchanson dautomne skyloft  last FLF
Rocking Chairs: {vespertine} rocking chair/reddish and rocking chair/wood @ The Arcade
Framed Leaves: {vespertine} framed leaves-secret prize @ The Arcade
Basket:  {vespertine} knitting basket @ the Arcade
Table: Storax Tree Р Natural Bliss Round Decor table Falling Leaves C
Vases: Storax Tree –¬†Twisty Twigs Vase Duo L – Gold and Tile S
Rug: [noctis] round kitchen rug, dirty green
Puppy: ISPACHI [Breaghwy] Sleeping Puppy In Basket RARE [Basket] @ The Arcade
Radio/Books: ISPACHI РThe Odyssey : Radio on Books
Pumpkins:¬†{what next} Pumpkin Decor (pumpkin pie recipe) *backwards* ūüôā last FLF
Slice Of Pumpkin: {what next) Slice of Pumpkin Pie Decor last FLF
Tea Cup: Apple Fall Teacup Teal Gacha @ Kustom9
Tea Cup with Pearls: Apple Fall -AF Teacup Pearls RARE Gacha @ Kustom9
Pocket Watch: Apple Fall – Gacha @ Kustom9
Autumn Shelf: Dysfunctional Designs – Autumn Branch Shelf



House: MOCO Emporium – Fox Cottage
Little Shelf: ISPACHI – Erin Shelf
Shutter Memo Board: Sway’s Window Shutter A
Desk Lamp: Sway’s – Creativity Desk Lamp FLF
Memo Chalkboard w Quotes: Sway’s Creativity FLF Can change Quotes and Photos
Desk: *ionic* РTake Me Out Desk Set Рincludes chair, radio, laptop, various books, drinking cup and sign not shown
Camera: *ionic* Fiesta Camera
Office Ladder: Second Spaces – Nellie Office Ladder
Slippers/Flipflops: ISPACHI Florian @ The Arcade
Cat Face Rug: +Half Deer+ Calico
Metal Table: [CON.] – Planter’s Habitat – Ornate Table
Cat Head Planter: Nylon Outfitters – Cat Head Pot – Maxnter @ The Arcade
Laying Cat Planter: Nylon Outfitters – Sleepy Cat Pot – Carved Stone
Letter Holder: -tb- Spring Living РRomance prev Gacha
Book Cart For Her: {vespertine} –¬†prev Gacha
Lil Tabby Cat: Alchemy/Birdy РSassy Cat B Strip prev Gacha
Nic Nac on desk: Pixel Mode RDJ Hope 1
Cat Tree: Intrigue Co – Plushie Pals
Standing Orange Kitty: *SHOP SEU* 1 prim animated cat – Oci-
Laying Down Cat: (fd) – Cat #02 – Sleeping Curled @ The Arcade
Siamese Cats W/Bed: Storax Tree – Cats w Bed & Catnip
Kitty Inside Bed: (fd) – Cat #11 @ The Arcade
Hanging Planter: [AG] Vertical Wall Planter Yellow Gypsy 

~Coffee Time & Serenity~


Allo all…Its morning and Martin Luther King¬†holiday so Im off work. Been sick for the past few days..hence why no urls for the blog items. Just been too tired ūüė¶
But tis morning and thats the time for COFFEE! Cheeky Pea has made an two cute sets for all of us coffee Addicts! The drawers open and everything. I just think these are TOO CUTE!  Coffee Cup set & station are sold 
separately. ¬†The cute hound n chair is from Storax Tree.¬†Isn’t he adorable? Just wish I had an option to change the chair to white..but still looks like it belongs ūüôā

My beautiful house is from Roost. ¬†Its the Lake Side Standard ¬†house. All mesh and loverly! Still decorating…

House: Roost @ The Market Place
Roux Coffee Station/Cup Rack: Cheeky Pea
Simple Elegance Auburn Chair w Basset Hound : Storax Tree
Various Herb Containers: Mordechai Wigglesworth