~Maison de Maille By Rustica~ Pt 1



Pic #1
House: Rustica -Maison de Maille
Couch/Coffee Table/Side Table: [Tia]– Rustic Living Room Red
Food/Wine/Glasses: 8f8
Primavera in Toscana #14 Gourmet Set
Board Game: {RW}
The Chieftain’s Hnefatafl Game
Cat: (fd) – Cat 11 Sitting
Book: Apple Fall – Open Book
Cats: (fd) – Cat – 19 Cuddling Pair RARE
Bottle w Cups on Tray: Apple Fall – Elderflower Cordial
Daffodils Jug: Apple Fall
Melted Candle: Dust Bunny
Sleeping Cat on Rug: Storax Tree – Feline Treasures Naptime Ginger
Rug: Rustica Mesh Empire Rug 2
Glowing Rose: {anc} – Garden Rose RARE
Buffalo Head: Apple Fall Buffalo Taxidermy
Side Table: :DH: – Victorian @themarketplace
Telescope: Tartesso Arts – Vintage Telescope
Large Plant: Rustica – Large Mesh Planter 1

Pic #2

Banner: .aisling – Pennden Bannder
Vazes: DRD– Phantom Vazes
Covered Mirrors: DRD Phantom Covered Mirrors 4
Trunks: DRD – Phantom Trunks
Cat: (fd) – Cat 02 Sleeping Curled
Weapons Rack: [DDD] Axe * Spear Weapons Rack
Torches: [Tia] – Dungeon Fires Wall Braziers
Pumpkin Planter: dust bunny & tenshi
Wall Tapestries: Primvision on The Marketplace Art Nouveau Seasons
Cat on steps: (fd) Cat -12 Curious

Pic #3

Bed: DRD – Phantom Bed RARE
Cat: (fd) – 02 Sleeping Curled
Wood Candles: Artisian Fantasy – Balloch Perch Boarded Candles
Photo Frame: Apple Fall Gilt Frame
Rug: The Dreamer Creations – Old rug brown
Chair: The Dreamer Creations – Chesterfield Armchair – Damask
Blanket: The Dreamer Creations
Side Table: :DH: – Victorian @themarketplace
Candle Stand: DRD – Phantom Small Chandelabra
Bear Rug: .aisling – Fake Bear Rug
Mouse: Baffle! – My Little Mouse Friend
Portrait: Polyester Partridge – St. Ingrid Portrait
Owls: ISPACHI – The Arrival – The Wisest Owl (no longer avail)
Plates: Artisan Fantasy – Asilah II Plates

Pic #4

Worktable: .aisling & D&D – Herbalist Worktable (Everything but creams on lower shelf included)
Vanity: .aisling Coquette – Dressing Table Brown
Compact & lipstick: Tres Blah -tb- Vanity Compact RARE
Oils: Artisan Fantasy – Oils & Creams 2
Torches: [Tia] – Dungeon Fires Wall Braziers
Feather Staff: Apple Fall & An Lar – Shaman Feather Staff (RARE)
Blue Staff: Apple Fall & An Lar – Midnight Staff
White Staff: Apple Fall & Ar Lar – Light Staff
Tall Wooden Planter: Shutter Field [sf] – Brazier Planter Dark – Group Giftie
Small planter: Artisan Fantasy – Money Plant

Pic #5

Plant: Rustica Houseplant
Lantern: [Tia] – Dungeon Fires Tall Brazier
Wall Planters: Artisan Fantasy – Succulents
Bath/Table/Rug: PPK – Wood Bath Tube
Vial Planter: Apple Fall & An Lar – Mistletoe Vial

(Sorry no more LM’s..Im so tired)

~ Hello Autumn ~


Cottage: Trompe Loeil – Le Fay Cottage & Garden Modded
Includes Pine Trees (not shown) @ Collabor88 Sept Hurry! Still open!
Wreath: Finishing Touches – Twigs & Berries Wreath Pumpkin Patch @ The Marketplace
Flower Box Flowers: Reid Parkin – Rose Bush 3 @ The Marketplace
Chairs: {what next} – Cubby Armchairs
Table: Apple Fall – Butlers Tray Table
Caramel Apples: Dust Bunny @The Arcade Sept
Rainboot Cart: Dust Bunny @The Arcade Sept
Dahlia Jug: Dust Bunny @The Arcade Sept
Potted Rowan Berries: Dust Bunny @The Arcade Sept
Step Ladder: Dust Bunny & Tenshi @The Arcade Sept
Pumpkin Planter: Dust Bunny & Tenshi @The Arcade Sept
Pumpkin Pile: Dust Bunny & Tenshi @The Arcade Sept
Pumpkin Crate: Dust Bunny & Tenshi @The Arcade Sept
Dog: {Theosophy} – Shiba Inu Sleeping In Hipster @The Arcade Sept
Book Pile: {what next} – Lisbeth Book Pile @ The Marketplace
Glowing Lanterns inside: [Tia]

Hayabusa Designs Populus Serotina Peuplier HD-F M7 v1-1 T1 Gift
Hayabusa Design Bx Tree M6 v3-3a t244a

Hayabusa Design BO D-7 tf-1 9
(The Mustard Seed) ::tms:: Garden Series – Trio 2 (Autumn) @ The Marketplace

Reid Parkin: Bush – Season Change @ The Marketplace
[we’re CLOSED] Dry Weed 1
Fallen Leave: 3D Trees – In the Autumn Trees pack
Grasses: Studio Skye – Wild Grass Dry #1


Trees: Hayabusa Design – Bx Tree M6 v3-3a t244a
Hayabusa Designs Magnoliaceae STD Geometry HD-A M15b13 v1-1 T3
MK-BT Bo Maple M1 v1-1a tf-3a derived 1 DBa1

Flowers: Hayabusa Design – Hayabusa Design BO D-7 tf-1
[we’re CLOSED] Dry Weed 1
Grasses: Studio Skye – Wild Grass Dry #1
Reid Parkin: Bush – Season Change @ The Marketplace

Deco: Jaunty Pumpkin – Storax Tree Blogger Pack Container 10/2014
Pumpkin Wagon: Dust Bunny & Tenshi @ The Arcade Sept
Pumpkins In A Cage: !! Follow US !! Autumn’14 Pumpkins in cage @ The Marketplace
Pumpkin preset arrangement: Vitrail illios

~ Ten Years In Second Life ~


Happy Hump Day everyone! August 19th marks my 10th Rez Day!
Wow..ten years in Second Life..what a ride its been.
Friends have come and gone and stayed.
I still prefer being a loner…its my way to rewind from RW.
Im really glad it has evolved into more mesh.
Less work for me to do on editing my pics!

All photos are played with, so please try all demos :)


Hair: Argrace – Nao
Head/skin: Genesis Lab – Misaki @ The Manga Fair
Ears: Mandala – Fantasy Elf Ears Female
Body: Maitreya – Lara
Necklace: Izzie’s – Coin Necklace Gold
Dress: The Ugly & Beautiful Designs – Moon Princess Gown Gold @ The Manga Fair
Pose: (marukin) Berry hy02-last

Location: Flux Sur Mer

Kute Kawaii

Happy Saturday Everyone <3  Haven’t been inspired for abit, til now.
Got into the Manga Fair to get this too CUTE head from Genesis Lab.
Her name is Misaki <3 <3 <3
I just love love the options for this head! It comes with 16 eyebrow colors, 8 facial emoticons, 8 eye colors. The emotes are too cute!  Also the price is affordable! Yay <3
The only thing I don’t like is there are no ears! :(      But I can make do :)
Taketomi has some really cute new lady hairs lately.
But what interested me was this male hair called Tama.
Helps with the cute factor :)

Also visited a store I haven’t seen before (shock, yes I know!) Toxic Candy
This store has some really cute items. Go check them out!

Again, all photos are edited so try all demos!
Have a great Saturday! <3


Hair: Taketomi – Tama Nuri
Head: Genesis Lab – Maski @ The Manga Fair
Ears: Mandala – Female Elf Ears
Body: Maitreya – Lara
Outfit: Toxic Candy – Pam Bell Bottoms & Fringed Top
Shoes: Fate Step – Jessie Wedges

Pose Pic #1: Imeka – Loli pose #5 @ Kustom9
Pose Pic #2: Imeka – Loli pose #3 @ Kustom9


~ Dreamscape ~

Just another Summer loving pic! Summer is finally here in Michigan…going to be 90 today! Have a great Saturday <3


Hair: Truth – Essena Group Gift
Head: Lelutka – Stella
Body: Maitreya – Lara
Skin Appliers: Lara Hurley – Alena
Dress: Pixicat – Aquatic @ Collabor88
Pose: PosESioN – Marilyn #8
House: Dust Bunny Daisy GACHA Houseboat RARE
Wall Art Cutout: PILOT – Fish Cut Out
Beaded Curtain: Dust Bunny Wood Beaded Curtain
Hanging Chair: Dust Bunny – Hammock Chair Long
Hanging Planter: Dust Bunny – Gacha Blue
Flip Flops: Dust Bunny
Cats: Fashionably Dead – Cat #19 Cuddling Pair Gacha RARE
Basket: Lark – Cambria Basket A @ Collabor88
Flowers: Apple Fall – Daffodils Jug
Tea Set: Apple Fall – Tea Time Tea set 1
Journal: POST – Darkbloom Tattered Journal
Starfish Shell – Jordan Giant

~ Summer Dream ~


Greetings! I decided to do a post on the Lelutka Stella Head I just purchased.
I really love this head because the chin is well shaped and the lips are devine!
The only thing I don’t like about the Lelutka heads are the EARS.
They are too small, and you can’t mod them.
No matter what skin I wear, they look kinda fugly!
Hopefully they will be better in the future!


Hair: Truth – Essena (Group Giftie TY!)
Head: Lelutka – Stella
Head Applier: Lara Hurley – Alena
Eyes: IKON – Charm Eyes – Maldives
Body: Maitreya – Lara

Wooden Beaded Curtin: Dust Bunny
Fish Cutout: PILOT

Pose: Dust Bunny’s Hammock Chair Pose #3

~ Hair Fair Photo Contest ~

My entry for the Hair Fair Photo Contest this year.
It ends tomorrow the 28th, so go check out all the Contest Info Here and good luck!
Photo was edited..please try all demos <3

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Peach avail @ Summerfest 15
Head: Lelutka – Leda
Body: Maitreya – Lara
Appliers: *YS&YS* – Melian Skin Tone 3 @ The Fantasy Collective
Eyes: .ID. (Insufferable Dastard) – Summer Eyes Honey
Eye Shadow: *YS&YS* – Favorite Makeups @ The Fantasy Collective
Jewels: GizzA – Part of the Scarlett Dress Floral outfit
Bikini: Baiastice Jade Bikini @ Collabor88

Couch: HAIKEI – Humid dusty cottage gacha {1}
Tree #1: Hayabusa Design Elegant Tree Humble M15-1 M2 v3-
Tree #2: Hayabusa Design Forest Tree F1aWT2 t207
Tree #3: HPMD* Garden Tree08 with Lights – yGreen
Bushes: Skye: Alligator Apple Bush &
DBD Designs (Alexith Destiny) 1 prim Callistemon – Large Red Grove
Pink Flowers: Hayabusa Designs